HAGN ARTS | Art for all Senses

Classic music is our passion, telling stories our enthusiasm. We connect both and create new concert formats and art projects out of music, language, dance and light. This is how complete artwork for all senses arises. Immerse into these domains to keep some moments -maybe even forever in your memory. Unforgettable in life are not the times of breathing but the breathtaking moments.

HAGN ARTS | Our art projects in an overview

Are you a concert organizer, a company or an agency?

  • You want to bring new momentum into your concert programs?
  • You want to inspire your team, tie your clients emotionally to you?
  • You want to arrange a corporate event, a symposium, a spectacular gala or a congress and search for unique programs?

We carry out unforgettable concert evenings and art events for you!

  • We manage our projects together with internationally renowned artists.
  • We continuously keep at it, constantly put new art projects on stage.
  • For many years we are working hand-in-hand with concert organizers, agencies and companies.

We are glad to be creative for you as well!

Mag. Heidrun Maya Hagn, Tel: +43 664 1206325, Email: heidrun@hagn-arts.com