„Get a Hearing – association of artists supporting children with hearing loss“

All social creatures „are speaking“ to one another, even the supposedely „speechless ones“ – giraffes, fish, etc. Hearing is therefore essential for them. An impairment of hearing has serious consequences. And unfortunately hearing impairment is widely spread among children. According to the WHO there is already 1000 million young people between 12 and 25 years old affected worldwide.

With our association „Get a Hearing“ we want to support hearing impaired children, because they are not always taken care of by social networks and most often therapy hours are not paid for by social insurance institutes. Above all, we also want to create awareness for this subject, as well as for the wonder of hearing.

If you are searching a social project or simply want to support: Get in touch with us! We give concerts for ‚Get a Hearing’. You can visit these concerts or host one yourself as a company or service club. We support you in planning and realization. With the gains and donations you help affected children and our project. For further information go to: www.getahearing.com


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Mag. Heidrun Maya Hagn

Mag. Heidrun Maya Hagn