In these art projects it is as if the music is outgrowing itself. It assembles itself into an overall experience through language, dance and light, building new bridges to far distant worlds. What is then created are fascination and energy, which unintentionally take possession of anyone.

HAGN ARTS | Literary Musical Projects

As if Beethoven, Brahms & Co would awake back to life! So intimate, so personal and far from any cliché are the stories which partly tell humorous and partly serious things out of the composers’ lives. Through their music one ultimately immerses into this fascinating universe.

Discover our striking music stories:

Literarisch musikalische Kunstprojekte

Franz Schubert never could afford a piano, wrote his brilliant music at his desk. The monumental Johannes Brahms was the successor of gigantic Beethoven, but at the same time also a ‚bourgeois’ who purposely left behind cigarette stubs and money to test his maid’s cleanliness and honesty.

In den musikalisch literarischen Projekten „About Beethoven“, „About Brahms“ usw. lesen bekannte Schauspieler Dialoge, Briefe, Erinnerungen von an und über große Komponisten von Beethoven bis Piazzolla. Die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge, die dabei zutage treten, versetzen nicht nur die Musiker, die Sätze aus Sonaten und Trios dieser Komponisten spielen, in einen völlig neuen ungeahnten Kosmos, sondern auch das Publikum. Die Wirkung ist enorm.

HAGN ARTS | Pasión Tango

Hagn Arts Projekt Pasión Tango

The bow hurls over the strings, the fingers rush over the keys, the dancers spin throughout the stage – everything expresses tension, South America’s passion – the passion of Tango which one hardly can escape from!

Experience Pasión Tango in 3 variations:

The Tango originated in the slums of Buenos Aires as pure expression of passion, erotica and violence, rejected by the upper class, forbidden by the Emperor and Pope. But despite all protests and efforts to stop it: it takes Paris, Europe and the whole world by storm.

Pasión Tango with its energy ties in with the Tango’s original power – unadorned and unpolished, but also in its expressive art-form of the „Tango Nuevo“ by Astor Piazzolla.

HAGN ARTS | For Kids

The children listen fully absorbed. Just now the story hits its climax. The elephant kid Bobo, who cannot hear, got lost in a sandstorm. Where could his mom be? Where is the elephant family? Like a tornado the bow rushes over the cello strings. Like a hurricane the piano is played. Bobo is completely desperate and lost. But what is this? Suddenly he discovers something!

HAGN ARTS | Can you hear it?

Hagn Arts Kunstprojekte Can you hear it Maya

Tensed attention in the hall. The conductor lifts the baton, the orchestra is of highest concentration. And finally – the entry. The first accord blazes. But what is this? There is nothing to hear! As if by an invisible hand the orchestra plays with complete commitment – but entirely soundless.

Then the voice of the presenter: „This is when one cannot hear. And this is how it sounds when one can hear.“ After this surprise the sound of the orchestra is overwhelming, every single time.

Light – nothing is faster in the universe. But not so much inside us – there it looks different. Sounds are like invisible arrows for us humans. They are ten times faster than lightening and their emotional impact is ten times stronger than every picture. Big trademarked companies realized this fact and put acoustic branding in motion. A fascinating task and challenge!

Hagn Arts Soundlogo

HAGN ARTS | Get a hearing

Get a hearing

Humans are social creatures. This is why our most important sensory organ is hearing. It is a true wonder. We are even more affected by the fact that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) every 7th child and every 5th young person is hearing impaired. Through ‚Get a Hearing’, our social project, we try to help at least some of hearing impaired children.